Welcome to the University of New England Outdoor Adventure Club! 

Although no one here can remember back that far, historical documents indicate the club was formed way back in 1960. In those days we were known as the UNE Mountaineering Club, but we’ve since changed our name to the UNE Outdoor Adventure Club (UNE OAC). Our club is an affiliated member of SportUNE. Club activities have ranged from hang gliding to mountain biking, orienteering, ski-touring (now a separate club), bushwalking, hiking, camping, climbing, caving, canoeing, kayaking and canyoning. Current interests are restricted mainly to walking, climbing, caving, mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing, although we’re always open to new suggestions! With rugged gorge country and the extensive National Parks surrounding the New England Tablelands right on our doorstep, our club has the ideal playground. Details of club trips and activities are posted on our News & Events page . Information, photos and upcoming events can also be found on our facebook group. People of any experience level are welcome and encouraged to join in on club activities. How do I join the club?As we are an affiliated club of Sport UNE you first need to be a member of Sport UNE. If you are a student you are already a member. If not there are two ways of doing this.

  1. If you want to join a couple of clubs or also use the Sport UNE gym or pool facilities then you might want to become a member of Sport UNE.
  2. If you only want to join the UNEMC then you will probably want ‘club priveldges’ which is cheaper than full membership. Also ask about family and staff options could save you some money.

To join just turn up to the climbing wallon a club night or canoe polo and you can join on the spot.