Intro Day at Gara Gorge – 2011

Last Sunday saw us run our annual Introduction Day out at Gara Gorge, in the rugged Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. A fun day out in the wilderness with a great bunch of people!!

Our climbing gurus kicked it off for us by showing us the tricks behind bouldering – its all in the climbing shoes and the fingers! Combined with sheer will and the skill to whale out at the top, our climbers proved their boulder mastery!! The Park has an abundance of splendid giant granite boulders to free-climb, and lucky for beginners “three-crack” is one among them – a nice big rock with generous footholds and three long splits in the rock that gave us newbies a hand-hold. There was a little blood shed and a few bruises gained, but more laughs than both combined. I think we’ll be back for more.. (we’re still yet to find “Mozzie Slap” after all!)


The day was warm and sweet, perfect for a post-climbing amble along the Threlfall track. Our walk took us beneath the shady eucalypts as we followed the creek in search of the goat track leading down to the “locals” Bluehole – a magnificent natural rock pool with waterfalls cascading into it from above. After a deadend or two we finally struck gold, the simming hole! Half of us reclined on the rocks and the other half courageously took the plunge into the icy waters. The chill didn’t last long, and we were soon frollicking in the foam of the falls and scouting for submerged rocks to balance on (the pool is so deep, few have ever touched the bottom!)

After drying off in the midday sun, our fearless crew led the way as we rock-hopped back up the creek, clinging to cliffs and skipping deftly over waterfalls, driven on by the BBQ feast that awaited!


Back at the picnic area we all enjoyed a well earned relax while we shared tasty tucker and banter.. An awesome day!

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