Mount Kaputar National Park. (or the failed Green Gully trek)

There once was a trip to Green gully that turned sour, thank you rain and flooding!!! No worry though, Plan B to the rescue. On the 27th of January day after the Triple J Hottest 100 the group set out to Narrabri. Getting there was pretty good with Johl getting a flat tire again white Ian’s corolla made it just fine 😀 . The night got better though with BBQs and some drinks in the women’s bathroom.  Following a windy and rainy night we head to all the walks we could possibly do in a day!!! We first headed towards Mt. Kaputar summit where Johl enjoyed the light breeze and the poncho hat looked like a parachute. The crew also attempted to get a picture of being ‘blown away’ but I’m sorry guys I think we failed.

Mt. Lindesay rock top plateau came next where lunch was served under/in the clouds. From there we set off down the nature trail where Debbie wanted to take a picture at every fallen tree we find.  The painted gums also showed to be something to be exited over with Johl and Daph finding the perfect camouflage. The day ended as soon as it started and we had to go to bed. Before leaving the next day we took a trip to ‘The Governor’. For the climbers of the group this is the s**t. There are more crags than you can poke a stick at from 20 to 160 meters high shame we left our shoes at home. Special mention to the dedicated Debbie who brought her shoes.  Getting to the peak was WIKID where you can see for miles and miles and miles……Warambungles was to be seen as well!

To all who came it was bloody fantastic and to those who couldn’t come we missed you!! This will be the first of many for this year. Stay tuned for the next expedition installment!


Daphne & Johl

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One thought on “Mount Kaputar National Park. (or the failed Green Gully trek)

  1. You guys make me laugh, love it! ps – no mention of daph’ stopping every 20m to take a macro-photo of a flower?? 😉 the slideshow pix are fantastic!

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