Introduction to the outdoors with UNEOAC

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After a 9.30 (ish) start at Bunnings, the usual OAC crew and our new recruits made our way out to Gara Gorge, where we were met by even more rugged outdoorsy types keen to get dirty, wet and high with us. We split into two groups; the bush walkers went and did their thing while the climbers went and roped up on Hope Buttress, and the two groups met there later. Here a revolutionary new move was created after Ili decided climbing vertically wasn’t extreme enough, and did ‘the worm’ across a shelf to finish the route she was on. After this the gear was packed up and we all scrambled down into the Blue Hole for a swim. We ended the day with a massive barbecue with more sausages and tofu than we could get through, hard-core slack lining (like ordinary slack lining but more impressive, because to start you have to hang from the wrong side of the tape, then mantle it) and a spot of bouldering. No drop bears or predatory pigs were seen but maybe we’ll get lucky next time.


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