Introduction to Bouldering @ Stonehenge (NSW)

Car pool + awesome mini road trip + Bouldering + Meeting new people + Red Lion pub on the way home + Club meeting.

Soooo if you didn’t understand all of that…. There will be a car pool collecting people from colleges, Sport UNE and Bunnings (please leave a comment where you need to be picked up from so we can coordinate it) We will be leaving approximately 9am. After a sweet mini road trip with awesome tunes to get you all pumped (such as eye of the tiger!!!) we shall arrive at stonehenge in force and descend on the pebbles they call boulders and crush them in our mighty grips. This shall continue into the afternoon (or until our magic climbing potion wears off) where we shall retire to the comfort of the Tavern called the Red Lion (assuming it is open) for a few refreshing ales and a chat about the club (yes it will be a club meeting…). Following this you can be dropped off at your place of residence or prearranged destination.

Check UNEOAC Facebook Group for up to date information.

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