Intro’ to Bouldering at Stonehenge (01/07/12)

T’was the regular devoted crew plus a few new faces who braved the midwinter chill for a splendid day of bouldering at Stonehenge, a few kms shy of Glen Innes. Coffee to kick start the morn, followed by a long traverse and hand-foot match problem that tested our yoga abilities. The big guns (the boys plus Carol) had a crack at climbs on the ‘Split in-half boulder’ and later in the day a V8 which Alan, Nathan and Carol all showed who’s boss (..maybe Ben did too?!). Amy and Ili went off exploring, and when we saw them next Ili had sprouted wings and was spotting flying off the top of a boulder. Very impressive leap. The rest of us played warm-up on a many-pocketed boulder, so satisfying we sent it more than once. Next, on to Daph’s project, a highball crimp-fest with a stretchy gaston, right before a near-mandatory whaleout over the top. Heaps of fun to be had with this one, and although Daph didn’t quite top out (one move off!), it’s got her name all over it, and before long she’ll be back to settle the score. For those who stuck it out post-lunch, there were ales and merriment to be shared at Glencoe’s famed Red Lion Inn, what better way to end a blissful day of bouldering on the tablelands? And all were agreed that Stonehenge needs to see way more bouldering action in future (esp. to polish down a few of those jagged uber-friendly holds), so undoubtedly we’ll be be back for more..




Daph’s Project – super hard for people under 5 foot


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