The Tuesday Sessions – Bouldering at beautiful Gara Gorge (autumn 2012)

Hungry for real rock and dearly missing our twice-weekly sessions at the Wall, a bunch of us made Tues arvy’s bouldering at Gara a regular affair. Autumn outdoors on the tablelands proved perfect for getting up close and personal with Gara’s granite and working on our calluses. Tank Boulder, Crack Boulder, Three Crack, Mossie Rock, Arrow Boulder, the Corner Boulder and Pseudo Boulders all received a regular polishing and fine dusting of chalky love. April famously sent the highball ‘Pseudoephedrine’ (F*@^K!!!! You Mthr F##*r!!!!) nearly missing the final crimp, but to our relief, pulling through. 15mins later, she took a deep breath and re-sent it in more lady-like style. Very inspiring. The Tues’ sessions allowed us all to work our projects and push our boundaries. Exams, rain and winter have scared us away for a little while, but the Tuesday is coming soon when we’ll return. Good friction in winter, after all.




April begins her asscent of Pseudoephadrine, Pseudo boulders, Gara Gorge


Crimpy holds on top of Pseudo


High and a scary rock-over mantle


Nearly there!!


Victory Guns!!


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