UNEOAC 2014 – Intro day @ Gara gorge

Well, hello there!

After the usual 9 o’clock(ish) meeting at Bunnings to carpool and pass the sunscreen around, seasoned club members and new comers alike assembled at Gara to discuss who was doing what, and where. We split into three groups for the morning, one climbing at Hope Buttress, another walking the Threlfall track, and the third rock hopping along the gorge.

After merrily feasting on sausage sandwiches and some mad slack lining at lunch, we spent the afternoon bouldering on classics, and skipping and dancing around in the scrub. A bubble wand was involved. A few brave souls ventured down into the mysterious Forbidden Cave of Impending Doom, and somehow came out the other end unscathed, although they were a bit slimier and grubbier than they were at the start (but only a little). So, we all had a great time, and no drop bears, werepossums or werecows were spotted, but we did find Johl’s coffee cup on the way back.

written by April Mills-Thom









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