Mountain Bike Intro Day

March the 8th, a week after climbing and bushwalking at Gara Gorge, it was the turn of the SportUNE mountain bike track to host the fun. Seven riders turned up to enjoy a morning of riding and skill discovery. The level of experience ranged from the veteran, those gaining the wounds of experience as well as those with some very new purchases.

We started slowly as people became adjusted to the feel of dirt under the wheels and the new bikes were given their initiation of dust. Here we should give a shout out to Tristan who did well tackling the dirt on his fully rigid bike with hybrid tyres, not the easiest machine no matter the level of experience. The back half of the course provided some inspiration in the form of several Advanced or “A” lines such as the rock rollover that showed what was possible. As we progressed both the confidence and smiles grew and initial doubt was changed into a willingness to have a go. The handlebar scraping section through some cottonwoods was a highlight for many, with the closeness of the trees leading to many exclamations of beauty. A few nice fast switch backs had us back at the start, and ready for either another lap or some tasty treats.

Written by Andrew Woolley.



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